• What does Whobrew.com have to offer me?
    Whobrew.com is a free resource where you can formulate, store, and locate homebrewing recipes. Whobrew.com allows you to search for the perfect recipe by entering in specific information, such as the ingredients you need, or the numbers involved. The other big benefit of this website is that you can use it to share your recipes with friends, or access your recipes/brew sessions from anywhere, instead of having to use one computer to track this information.
  • Can I really view Whobrew.com anywhere?
    Well, no. I'm sure you can't get us at the North Pole, and I would guess the middle of the Pacific is out of our coverage zone as well. But anywhere you can access the internet is fair game (although we can't guarantee your IT guy won't block it if you spend too much time here). This means you can create a recipe at home, pull it up at your brew store when you forget your ingredients, and then show it to your buddies a few months later when you are showing it off.
  • Are there any other things Whobrew.com has to offer?
    In addition to tracking/locatoing recipes and brew sessions, Whobrew.com has forums, clubs, comments, and more. Check out the "Features" link on the left to see all of the things you can do here.
  • How do I share a recipe with friends?
    If you view a recipe, scroll to the bottom of the page. You will see a variety of ways to share the recipe, depending on how you want to share.
  • How do I add a recipe?
    Once you have registered, you will see members-only menu on the left-hand side of the screen. Click "My Recipes". If you wish to build a brand-new recipe here, click "Add" to get started. You can also click "Import Recipes from BeerXML" to import recipes you have saved or downloaded on your computer.
  • My IBUs are different than what I expected.
    Different websites and software calculate IBUs differently. We use the Tinseth formula because it is said to be more accurate. If your IBUs are slightly off compared to other software, it is probably because that software uses a different equation.
  • So you support BeerXML?
    Yup. My Recipes -> Import from BeerXML. All recipes will also have a "xml" icon next to the name that will allow you to download them, if you wish to use different home brewing software to manage your recipes. Hey, we won't judge.
  • Why can't I find a good recipe?
    If you aren't finding results, you have probably submitted too specific of a search. If you are searching for a recipe with specific numbers of 5 different grains and 5 different hop varieties, you probably won't find much-- the search utility only shows matches that qualify completely-- no "almosts." The cold truth, though, is that we can only show you recipes that have been added to the website. If users are finding that the recipes they are searching for aren't on the website, the best way to fix the problem is to upload more recipes. If you have recipes you know are awesome, share them on Whobrew.com! You know the next person that finds that recipe will be happy they didn't have to see the annoying "No Results Found" message again.
  • Can I use Whobrew.com to help me with my brew sessions?
    Yes! Log in, and see the "My Brew Sessions" link. If you click "Add", you can see that you can calculate your OG, IBU's mash efficiency, and more, and store all of the information on the internet, so you can share it anywhere. I personally use this utility to identify my bottled/kegged brews, and allow the people who drink my beer to view the actual recipe they are drinking. It's pretty cool.
  • How do I brew a specific recipe?
    If you are viewing a recipe you want to brew, click "Brew This" and it will bring you to the brew session screen. The original recipe will be shown, but you still can alter the ingredients if you wish to tweak the original recipe a bit. If you brew the same recipe often, it's a great way to track different batches and what may have gone differently, such as mash temps and efficiency. You aren't limited to brewing your own recipes, either-- you can brew someone else's recipe and store all of that information here at Whobrew.com.
  • Whobrew.com is awesome! How do I give back?
    Thank you! Truthfully, everything we do is awesome. As far as giving back, the best way to help out the site is to use it! Specifically, submit your recipes, and share the site with friends.
  • Can I help develop Whobrew.com?
    Right now, we are not ready for additional help. In the future, we intend to allow users to participate in building Whobrew.com to be even more awesome. For the time being, the best thing you can do is build up a great reputation at this site, so when the time comes, we know you are serious about helping out.