666 IPA  

BJCP Style: American IPA Brewer: Dougan
Recipe Overview:
Type Original Gravity Final Gravity ABV % Color IBU
Extract 1.068 10.700 SRM 59.9
Final Volume Pre-Boil Volume Boil Time Efficiency
5.00 gal 80%

Grain Bill:
LbsMaltPotentialColor (L)Pct
0.25CaraMunich 451.034452.92%
0.25Crystal 401.035402.92%
0.25Crystal 201.035202.92%
4.50Dry Malt Extract - Golden1.045852.63%
3.30Liquid Malt Extract - Golden1.035838.6%

Hop Schedule:
Qty (oz)Hop varietyTypeAlpha AcidsBoil TimeEst. IBU
1.00CentennialLeaf9.0%60 min26.5
1.00CascadePellet7.5%60 min22
0.50CascadePellet5.4%20 min4.8
0.50CascadePellet5.4%15 min3.9
0.50CentennialLeaf9.0%5 min2.6

NameTypeFlocculationAttenuationTemp (F)
Safale S-05AleHigh7560 - 68
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Dougan:Apr 24, 2011 10:07 AM
This recipe was a result of me wanting to use up a bunch of ingredients I had lying around, but it ended up being pretty good. It was a little on the stickier side. If I were to brew it again I would swap out a 1/2 lb of that DME with some sugar to dry it out a bit.

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