BJCP Style: German Pilsner (Pils) Brewer: Dougan
Recipe Overview:
Type Original Gravity Final Gravity ABV % Color IBU
All-Grain 1.059 3.000 SRM 22.2
Final Volume Pre-Boil Volume Boil Time Efficiency
5.00 gal 80%

Grain Bill:
LbsMaltPotentialColor (L)Pct
8.00Pilsener Malt1.037180%
1.00White Wheat1.039210%
1.00Vienna Malt1.035410%

Hop Schedule:
Qty (oz)Hop varietyTypeAlpha AcidsBoil TimeEst. IBU
1.00US SaazPellet5.8%60 min18.5
1.00US SaazPellet5.8%5 min3.7

Rest NameWater AddedRest Temp (F)Time
Infusion12 qt15160 min
Top Off2 qt15810 min
Sparge8 qt15410 min

Recipe Notes:
Used a lager yeast. Not trying to be true to style, just making something lagery and drinkable. Not very flashy, but a good beer.
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