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Privacy Statement
Whobrew.com requires that you associate your account with a valid email address. Whobrew.com respects your privacy and will not release your email address to any third parties. Other personal information, such as your name and other demographic information, maybe entered at Whobrew.com. By entering this optional information, you are agreeing that Whobrew.com can publicly display this information to any website visitors.

Recipe Privacy
Whobrew.com respects your desire to keep a secret recipe secret. The "Private" security setting is intended to hide your recipe from everybody other than the author. However, Whobrew.com cannot guarantee that this privacy will keep your recipe secret. While we will do everything we can to ensure that your secrets are safe with us, this privacy is not something we can guarantee. Also, whobrew.com will not be held liable if your recipe or brew session information is made public because it was cached by a third-party website, such as a search engine. By marking a recipe or brew session's security level as "public", you are authorizing Whobrew.com to promote others to brew your recipe.

Copyright policy
Whobrew.com is not held liable in the case of users posting copyrighted material. Whobrew.com will not be held liable if your recipe is plagiarized because it was posted on Whobrew.com. By posting information on Whobrew.com, you are certifying that you have legal permission to share that information.

Homebrewing Laws and Drinking Age
By using whobrew.com, you certify that you are of legal drinking age in your locality. It is the responsibility of the user to check with his/her local/state/federal regulations to verify that brewing using information obtained from Whobrew.com is legal. Whobrew.com will not be held liable if you use the information found here for illegal purposes, brewing-related or otherwise.