02-25-12 Updates
  • Ability to reset password.
02-22-12 Updates
  • Added a bunch of ingredients.
  • Fixed some issues with redirects.
02-20-12 Updates
  • Updated the way redirects occur to fix some issues that were occuring across subdirectories.
02-19-12 Updates
  • Added access to BrewHunter recipe searching
02-12-12 Updates
  • Profile screen, show login instead of name
  • favicon
02-11-12 Updates
  • Layout updates
01-28-12 Updates
  • Fixed bugs approving friend requests in My Friends
01-27-12 Updates
  • Added homebrew clubs. You can create your own homebrew club, and have your own forum!
12-8-11 Updates
  • Fixed some errors in brew and recipe search screens regarding special characters in searches.
12-5-11 Updates
  • Added "Contains" search feature in recipes.
  • Added "Contains" search feature in brews.
6-12-11 Updates
  • More layout updates.
  • Added a single ad banner to some dead space on the page. I'd like to stress that I have no intentions of making any profits with this page. The intent behind the banner was to bring in a little bit of money to put towards the costs of hosting the site. The only reason I am OK with these ads are because they are in otherwise unused space and do not interfere with this page's use.
  • Added Resources page.
6-10-11 Updates
  • Updated site layout a bit.
6-2-11 Updates
  • Updated recipe page so recipe note did not change the width of the page.
6-1-11 Updates
  • Switched hosts. This should solve the slowness and timeout issues that were occurring before. Everything seems to have migrated smoothly, but as usual, let me know if you see something strange!
5-31-11 Updates
  • Fixed some XML elements that were not importing correctly, including BJCP 2004 recipes.
  • Re-added the optional popup screens for selecting hops and grains.
  • Detailed hop and grain selection now alphabetical.
5-30-11 Updates
  • Added pagination to Recipe Search results.
  • Added ABV attribute to recipe page.
5-29-11 Updates
  • Fixed problem with some special characters making it into BeerXML exports.
  • Fixed bug that was causing templates to get assigned to incorrect ingredients when an ingredient was deleted from a recipe or brew.
  • Fixed bug where grain templates weren't recognizing extracts as being extracts.
  • Updated viewing of recipe and brew to show hops in a logical order.
  • Sorted "My Ingredients" alphabetically.
  • Updated the Edit Brew screen to properly copy over template information when brewing another user's recipe.
5-28-11 Updates
  • Added ability to save and use yeast templates (public and personal).
  • Fixed bug preventing users from viewing their own private recipes.
  • Updated recipe and brew saving to fix some speed issues that were popping up.
5-26-11 Updates
  • Added Final Gravity to recipe.
  • Added Boil Time to recipe.
5-25-11 Updates
  • Renovated the way hops and grains are added to recipes and brews. Allows for selection of templates without the need for a popup page.
5-17-11 Updates
  • Updated the recipe view to omit sections that are not used.
  • Updated the recipe import to redirect you to the recipe that was imported if only one is imported.
5-16-11 Updates
  • Rewrote the way yeast is done. There are several new properties available for yeasts, and they work like other ingredients. There are no site-wide or personal yeast templates yet, but that will come soon.
5-14-11 Updates
  • Fixed bug that gives an exception once you have registered a new account.
5-10-11 Updates
  • Fixed clone checkbox issues in IE on edit recipe page.
  • Added Pre-Boil Volume attribute to Recipe.
5-9-11 Updates
  • Added field to Recipe to indicate that it is a clone of a commercial beer.
  • Added Assistant Brewer attribute to Recipe.
5-5-11 Updates
  • Added Recipe Notes to Recipe.
  • Updated "Edit Recipe" screen to load much faster.
5-3-11 Updates
  • Fixed bug in brew that showed percentages incorrectly on grain bill.
5-2-11 Updates
  • Added a new version of the "View Recipe" screen that includes miscellaneous ingredients.
  • Added an option to back up all of your recipes in one BeerXML document (Go to "My Recipes").
  • Fixed XML bug which caused both import and export discrepancies in Boil vs. Dry Hop designations.
  • Fixed "Edit Brew" bug which didn't show the brewed recipe in some versions of IE.
5-1-11 Updates
  • Added "Miscellaneous Ingredients" section to recipe.
  • Fixed bugs causing numbers in XML export to be way off
  • Added more logic to BeerXML import to have default values if some fields aren't filled in
4-28-11 Updates
  • Added ability to download recipes in BeerXML format. Look for XML link on search results and recipe page.
4-26-11 Updates
  • Added ability to import BeerXML recipes! Please try it out and let me know how it works! It can be found on the "My Recipes" page.
4-25-11 Updates
  • Updated recipe saving process to be more streamlined and efficient.
4-24-11 Updates
  • Fixed bug where clicking save twice would show an error.
  • Added BJCP (sub)category to results when searching for recipes.
4-23-11 Updates
  • Added My Ingredients page, where you can manage your inventory.
4-22-11 Updates
  • Added Private, Public, and Protected security levels on brew session.
  • Added Private, Public, and Protected security levels on recipe.
  • Made pressing Enter on password box perform login.